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audio and video consulting

We act for you - our client. We help navigate the ever changing maze of audio, video and control choices available to arrive at the best solution for your needs. We engage with a network of manufacturers and system integrators to deliver a complete and stable solution for your home or business. 

our services

Our Servuces
audio systems

Leading edge audio systems, from single room systems to large network distributed audio, designed to outperform  your expectations.

audio modelling and simulation

Audio performance engineered and simulated before installation. You can be sure of the results of your investment.

audio, video and control

AV and control, a combined system designed to work as one. Every time.

network video distribution

Ethernet based high definition video, many sources to many screens. Full motion video, digital signage, all on the network.

hospitality sound and lighting

Immersive, emotive audio and lighting systems that give your guests a memorable experience.

network dsp design

Infinitely scalable audio networks and digital signal processing design.


"one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Great management and troubleshooting skills."

Ruanne Emmenes

Studio Mastering Engineer


ready to find out more?

Drop us a note using the form below, we'd love to hear from you! We are very nice people, and we really do know what we are doing. You are in safe hands- what are you waiting for!

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